Brighten up Your Holidays with Essential Oils

It’s that time of the year again – everyone gathered by the fireplace after a feast of roast turkey, delightfully opening up carefully prepared presents under the Christmas tree. Like the old age goes, “Sharing is caring”, and that couldn’t be more true in the spirit of the holidays. To enhance your holiday experiences this …

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Lemon Essential Oils Kill Dust Mites

  Have you ever thought that insomnia can be caused by your pillow? House dust mites that dwell in your pillow can cause allergy and insomnia. The pillows that you use every night may look clean. But truth be told, it’s covered by literally thousands of dust mites, along with their feces and dead bodies. …

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Puzhen Life Helps Customers Reduce Stress in 2013 with Aroma Diffusers


It’s the New Year and the stress of the holiday season is behind us, or is it?  Many people get through the holidays only to find a new set of stress waiting for them in the form of unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions.  While losing weight or quitting smoking for example are healthy goals, trying to …

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Sprout $69 Plus Free Shipping

An aroma diffuser that seamlessly blends into your room, Sprout is fitted with a lid that can hold your favorite potted plant. Sprout uses advanced technologies to fully discharge the essential oil’s particles, facilitating the body’s absorption of active ingredients. It also has an activated carbon mesh that efficiently purges foreign odors from the atmosphere. …

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Bamboo $79 only Plus Free US Shipping

We are offering $79 for Bamboo Aroma Diffuser with Free US shipping now. Thanks for being a loyal customer. We hope you enjoy this discount on our Bamboo Aroma Diffuser (Green Color). Exp 15-10-2012. Buy Now!  

Puzhen Zen Essential Oil

This superb aromatic oil blend contributes actively to your quest for serenity and relaxation. Thanks to their relaxing olfactive properties, the selected aromatic extracts facilitate a good mental balance and help to manage the daily pressure in case of tension, of temporary stress.The delicate fragrance of cedarwood Atlas and the lemony aromatic accents give real …

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30% Coupon Puzhen Sleeping Aid Aroma Set

Tao Sleeping Aid Aroma Set Tao aroma diffuser requires no water to operate, only essential oil. Along with fragrance distribution and high-concentration anion diffusion technology, Tao is also fitted with an active carbon mesh that purifies the airs while purging harmful odors and particles. Working with Zen essential oil, a relaxing ambiance will be created. …

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Puzhen Sleeping Aid Aroma Set

Do you have insomnia? According to BBC research survey in 2009, global spending for sleep aids was $25 billion dollars, and was expected to be risen to $ 33.2 billion in 2014. Stress, air pollutions, urban diseases, makes insomnia problem becomes more serious. Have you ever thought of, in addition to sleeping pills, some natural …

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20% Coupon for Puzhen Sprout Aroma Diffuser

The ultrasonic aroma diffuser best for your office. Sprout uses advanced technology to fully discharge particles in the essential oil, facilitating the body’s absorption of the oil’s active ingredients. It is fitted with an activated carbon mesh that efficiently purges foreign odors from the atmosphere. Providing better air quality, calming fragrance, and a rejuvenating environment, …

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Puzhen Five-Sense Sha Aroma Diffuser

Combining traditional Chinese craftsmanship and modern technology, the Sha aroma diffuser is made of rare purple clay. Part of Puzhen Life’s Five-Sense® series (Sense of Auditory, Sense of Olfaction, Sense of Vision, Sense of Touch and Sense of Perception), the Sha aroma diffuser helps balance mind, body, and soul by engaging all faculties. Gently diffusing …

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