Give the Gift of Aromatherapy

puzhen yun aroma diffuser

Christmas is around the corner, don’t panic!

You’re probably thinking, “What should I buy for my loved one?” or “What is beautiful, practical, yet special?”

Or are you planning a Christmas party at home for friends and family?

How can you fill your home with festive decorations, aroma, and spirit besides a Christmas tree & lights?

Our customers chose the Puzhen Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser as their choice of the perfect holiday gift for your loved one or home.

Home Sweet Home

Puzhen’s Five-Sense Yun Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser takes advantage of modern technology to intergrate water and essential oils to create an aromatic mist in the air. Through the specially designed hand-blown glass valve, 70ml effective active components of the essential oil in 5 microns are completely emitted into the air in an hour.

It’s like looking through a crystal ball at clouds of beautifully fragrant & 100% all-natural essential oil mist. For the holiday season, choose your favorite essential oil. It can be the essential oil from pragmatic cedar, sweet cinnamon, ginger, or mandarin. If that doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit, go all out with little drops of frankincense and myrrh- they’re no longer patented by the old wise men!

Create a Peaceful & Cheerful Corner This Holiday

Yun Five-Sense Aroma Diffuser is equipped with soft LED lights: blue, purple, and white LEDs changing alongside the built-in peaceful Ancient Chinese Music [Download Free Puzhen Music]. You can also connect the essential oil diffuser to your MP3 to play your favorite songs or even Christmas music to help lift spirits. The Yun becomes an amplifier of your favorite music, so your family and friends can enjoy listening and smelling the festive aromas, while watching the beautiful changing LEDs. You will have the most memorable party, engaging your guests’ five senses!

Order your diffuser today for the holiday season and receive 15% off your purchase & FREE SHIPPING!

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