Balancing the Five Senses and Emotions

Puzhen aromatherapy & shaThe five senses – sense of vision, smell, sound, taste, and touch – is our window to the world. Yet these five senses are felt through our five sensory organs – eyes, nose, year, tongue and body. Thus these senses and organs work simultaneously to produce our complete sensory system.

In traditional Eastern philosophy, the human body is regarded as a mechanism whose parts work and affect each other. The five senses, although independent on its own, interact and complement one another. Under various stimuli, the combined effect of all five senses forms a unique impression of an experience. This in turn gives rise to various emotions and feelings felt from the heart.

For instance, our five senses play a critical role in tasting food: we see a beautiful meal, surrounded by elegant tableware. We smell its enticing aroma, bask in tranquil music, and relax under an exceptional service. Finally, we taste the delicious food. All these external factors – the color, smell, taste, and beauty – melt us into a feeling of happiness.

Yet in order for this system to function smoothly, it requires a fine balance between the five senses to quickly adjust our mind and body to evanescent external factors.

Puzhen’s Five-Sense® aroma diffuser embodies this exact concept to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Under the soft LED lights and melodious traditional music, gentle aromatic fumes are diffused using ultrasonic technology. The natural man-made materials such as purple clay, hand-blown glass, maple and oak materials bring a sense of nature to any environment. All this combined help to relieve the tensions of everyday life, stabilizing the mind and body to return to its youthful vitality.

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