Clay Material of Jun Porcelain (II)

puzhen jun porcelain clay material The clay material for Jun porcelain is found in Shenghou Township, Yuzhou City in the Henan Province. The Yuzhou local clay is different from others, in which the iron content is much higher than that from Jingdezhen or Longquan. Iron is oxidized under suitable environment rendering an iron-reddish color, forming the so-called iron-richness. Even for Yuzhou clay, which has relatively low iron content, the traditional craftsman paints soy sauce colored enamel to form a “sesame sauce base.”

puzhen jun porcelain shape forming

The difference in iron content brings about the difference in the color of the clay, rendering different shades. Since the enamel is attached to the clay, the clay color has a direct impact on coloring of the enamel: the darker the clay color, the heavier and darker the enamel; the lighter the clay color, the brighter the enamel. If the clay contains too much iron impurity, the glaze will form mottled red and black “iron” spots; therefore different clay materials bring about different glaze colors, even with the same glaze formula. Also, the shrinkage and plasticity of different clay materials all vary. They have a great impact on the grasp of shaping and tempering of Jun porcelain.

Therefore, the clay material of the ceramic is a crucial factor, whether the clay comes locally from Yuzhou will decide whether it’s the official and traditional Jun porcelain or not. Only authentic Yuzhou local clay can make real Jun porcelain, hence the revival and reproduction of a true heritage.
puzhen jun porcelain azure plate Puzhen‘s Jun porcelain series has always been a true testimonial to the traditional Jun Porcelain craftsmanship. The selection of the clay is in strict accordance with the most primitive, traditional way of so doing; so is casting and firing, without any chemical elements being added. It is determined to reproduce the most brilliant and magnificent Tang and Song Dynasty Jun porcelain art pieces.

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