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Pu-er Tea is organically grown in the Chinese mountains with an 11 step process. Pu-er Chinese Tea is relaxing and has health benefits. Traditional Organic Chinese Tea by Puzhen Life.

Puzhen Pu-erh Tea

Pu-er tea is the treasure of teas. For centuries, Pu-er’s benefits have proven to be weight loss, strengthened immunity, reduced inflammation, lessened fatigue, and enhanced memory. Pu-er is the only “living” tea, continually fermenting and becoming smoother over the years. The older it is, the better tasting and more expensive. Puzhen’s pu-er tea is organically …

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Tea Contesting in Song Dynasty (II)

Indeed, to elaborate on physical characteristics further, Jian Teacups developed, basically, three unique traits as a result of these Song tea contests. For example, it was necessary during the tea competitions to discern subtle nuances in regard to color, especially when comparing tea infusion surface foam and the water marks on the teacups.  Determining a …

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The Appreciation of Pu-erh Tea

Puzhen‘s Puer tea grows on ancient, broad-leaved tea trees near the Lancang River in Yunnan Province in China. The Yunnan region is rich in natural resources with a tropical environment surrounded by lush forests, a mountain gully, and fertile soil. Puer tea grows naturally amidst the tea tree groves without any pollution or pesticides. What …

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