The Appreciation of Pu-erh Tea

Puzhen's Pu'er TeaPuzhen‘s Puer tea grows on ancient, broad-leaved tea trees near the Lancang River in Yunnan Province in China. The Yunnan region is rich in natural resources with a tropical environment surrounded by lush forests, a mountain gully, and fertile soil. Puer tea grows naturally amidst the tea tree groves without any pollution or pesticides.

What makes puer tea so special?

One of the most unique traits of Puer tea is that, like wine, the taste and quality of the tea improves with aging. The taste of Puer tea is smooth, full-bodied, and pure, making you feel relaxed as if you are in your own world. Our friends and family often ask us how do you judge Puer tea and which tea is the best tea, and we say, “Do you have any children?” We ask this question because we believe that after brewing a perfect pot of Puer tea, let the child try it first once cooled. If the child is happy and smiling from the drink, then it must be good. If they make a face and scrunch their brows, then the tea is not a good tea.

The reason behind this is quite simple. The purity and simplicity of children perfectly reflects the spirit of Puer tea, which is originality. When we got into the tea business, we wanted to focus on the originality and pureness of the tea. Puzhen’s Puer tea is made using the traditional handmade tea process starting with the raw materials from our handpicked harvest, then sun-dried and rolled into shape. We believe in using the original and traditional harvesting methods, as well as the processing methods our ancestors used thousands of years ago. Puzhen will soon release limited editions of Puer tea to the public to share the essence of Chinese culture with the modern world for people to enjoy and appreciate. This is the type of tea that can transform your life, so we urge you to taste the uniqueness, taste the life.

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