Ancient Aromatherapy: Flowers

Some may believe that aromatherapy has become popular recently in the 20th century, but this is not the case. Ancient aromatherapy, has gradually been forgotten. Aromatherapy history goes far back over thousands and thousands of years ago as humans found plant oils to have healing powers for the human body.

In the 20th century, “all return to nature,” the trend continued, as people re-evaluate the role of natural substances in health care, “aromatherapy” has entered the modern life.

In fact, the Chinese for thousands of years have been practicing aromatherapy without interruption. Ancient Chinese people liked to recuperate for wellbeing in the temple due to fields of planted flowers in the many temples. For example, during the Jin Dynasty over 1,700 years ago, the Yongle and Yongfu Temple planted over 40 acres of flowers, calling it “Peach Blossom Temple” and used the flowers as a medical treatment.

The universe is endless and human life is short. The ancient Chinese then developed the “Five Senses Theory” to create a balance by evoking all five senses of the human body- contact with sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, creating an inner world of Heaven. Aromatherapy is an ancient all-natural medicine from the earth that has been used and celebrated throughout the world for lifetimes.

We urge you to try this treatment to relieve stress, reduce tension, help you sleep, and find peace. There are so many benefits of aromatherapy and benefits of different essential oils that provide treatment for the most common symptoms of human illnesses.

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