Five-Sense Aromatherapy – Relaxation Techniques

Puzhen Life’s health and wellbeing products evoke all five senses of the human body to create a higher quality living environment and a balanced life.

Through body massage, the motion of blood circulation can be accelerated, the skin’s metabolism can be strengthened, regulating the balance of the skin and blood, promoting lymph drainage and fatigue elimination.

Here’s a great relaxation tip to relieve a headache: With your eyes closed, massage your forehead and the back neck firmly with finger tips, rotate in a certain direction, your headache will go away.

Have you heard about Jade Therapy from Ancient China? Learn about the ancient relaxation techniques that have a magical effect to the health of a human being.

Jade therapy could trace back to Chinese traditional Yin Yang and the Five Elements Theory. For centuries, people cherish those beautiful jade stones and look at them as the quintessence of Yin Yang Qi, having a magical effect to the health of the human body. The benefits of a jade stone massage provide relief for stress, anxiety, and muscle pain.

Puzhen believes massaging the human body with a combination of jade and pure essential oils help reduce the pressure and regenerate energy in your body.

Puzhen Life introduces the jade stone therapy into the concept of five senses aromatherapy.

Jade stone absorbs the essential oil, so when you massage your body with the jade, the two together will help you become relaxed and peaceful. You pass the benefits of the essential oils into your body combined with the smooth massage of the jade to naturally relieve stress and tension on the body. There are many benefits of aromatherapy that help your body achieve a healthy balance, naturally. This relaxation technique can take the weight off your shoulders, making you feel relaxed, stress-free, and revitalized.

Combined with the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, massaging with hot and cold jade with essential oils can promote metabolism, clearing the meridians, regulating blood circulation, thus balancing the body and soul to promote your health and wellbeing.

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